House Without A Roof

A thrilling and wildly beautiful collection of works created by resident artist, Astrite [ah – street – ah] Vula.

Astrite is a forged alchemy of artistic expression, her paintings characterised by her fiercely contrasting strokes, drips and textures. Vula’s abstracts defy convention, expanding ones circle of observation. Each work features unique cloudbursts of colour that scale emotionally charged cliffs hanging over canyons, rugged landscapes and epic oceans, all held in equal tension by Vula’s deft division of light and dark.


Astrite’s crushingly exquisite abstract impressionism is born of honesty having picked up a brush for the first time at the age of three. Growing up in war-torn Kosovo and moving to London at 15, Vula’s work is personal, inspiring and often overwhelming. The frames and canvas are merely containers for floating gardens of perpetual emotion.

Astrite Vula is an architect who studied at London’s University of Greenwich. Her name, literally translated means ‘artist’. Having lived in the United Kingdom for 11-years Astrite now resides in coastal Spain.

– write up by [H]

The House Without A Roof collection will be on display at Unparalleled 145 throughout the summer of 2018.

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